A global service offer

1. Development of fabrics and models for the creation of your clothing brand: for the development of your own knitwear ! To develop specific knits, with innovative handles, in all types of materials, we own integrated modern and diverse knitting and dyeing equipment.

2. Creation : come with your ideas ! We will use your models, we can also adapt existing models… From fashion design to the head of series, our modelist assist you “custom-made” for the best assembly of your clothing brand creation.

3. Manufacturing : your series, industrialized under close surveillance ! From CAD to quality control, each step (knitting, dyeing, cutting, garment making-up, finishing, etc.) is rigorously controlled for zero error production.

4. Logistics : we support your series at the end of the world ! Labeling, bagging, shipments: we can ship the items of your production to your logistic site or distribute them in stores, in France or for export, ensuring you permanent control of the delivery of your goods.